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Surinder Singh is a culturally sensitive photographer who founded this wedding photographer new york studio out of passion. His selection of apt team members, sincerity, and impeccable skills led him towards success. CandleLight Studio became widespread within a few years due to our understanding of diverse cultures and traditions.

Photography is my passion, and making my customers happy with my work is my first and foremost priority because nothing gives me more peace than a bright and radiant smile on my customer’s face.

Surinder Singh is a very creative and imaginative photographer in New York City
Surinder Singh is a very creative and innovative photographer who will capture every movement, every swirl of your dress perfectly.

Photography is so close to my heart, and wedding photography gives me inner peace and composure because what can be more therapeutic than seeing two love birds living the most beautiful day of their lives. The feeling that I am doing something for the couple by giving them something to smile about for years to come in the form of memories gives me life.

Photography has always been a superior medium for me. It is unique, novel, and sophisticated. It is just the right blend of art and photography, prediction and reaction, light, and shadow. One moment in time, I love how photography can bring up the sensory memories, the sounds, the smells, the excitement, and the sweetness of that moment in a perfect way.

I love my clients, and I love my job of being a visual storyteller. I feel so honored that my clients trust me and allow me to capture the most memorable moments of your life and be a part of your most intimate part of your event.

My style mixes photojournalism with wedding photography to make compelling images loaded with emotion. My calm professionalism comforts my clients, permitting me to catch their best. I will document all the delightful details, feelings, and romance as it happens naturally. These images added up, recount the memorable story of the lovebirds and places before my lens. Many thanks to you all for reviewing my passion.